Tuesday, December 30, 2008

From Zero to Hero

In June of 2007 I began researching PocketPC phones. I needed a new phone and, being the geek I am, wanted to get the most tech for my buck. I'm a big fan of Sprint's plans (I'll go into that another time) so I decided on the Sprint Mogul (HTC PPC-6800). By this point I had amassed a plethora of bookmarks, files and snippets which would help me get the most out of my new phone. On a whim, I decided to create a website where I could share all of my research and maybe even discuss it with other Mogul owners. I purchased the domain SprintMogul.net and installed DotNetNuke. I was thrilled when, in less than two weeks, the site had over 100 registered members. Soon traffic grew to over 500,000 page views per month. By the end of 2007 we were seeing nearly one million page views and had grown to 15,000 registered members. While the numbers were impressive, the part that I will never forget is all the emails from members thanking me for creating the site. Many visitors even made donations through PayPal to show their appreciation. What started as a resource had become a community and, no matter how many other successful websites I launch, it will always hold a special place in my heart.


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