Tuesday, September 18, 2012

.NET Testing Frameworks

Most of my testing experience has been with MSTest, NUnit and Selenium and I feel this is an area I need to explore in more depth, so I thought I'd put the question to my colleagues and readers: What testing frameworks do you prefer and why? Below are a few lists of some .NET oriented frameworks with some notes on what sets each of them apart from others. I welcome comments confirming, challenging or correcting these notes as well as suggestions of others I may have missed.

Unit Testing
  • MSUnit - Included with VS, Easy to implement
  • NUnit - Most common third party framework
  • xUnit - Extensible, lends itself to TDD/BDD
  • MbUnit - RowTest for parameterized testing

Acceptance Testing (web)
  • Selenium - Relies on CSS ID and class selectors
  • WatiN - Works best with IE




  1. Hey, Gaines. I used NUnit for years, but recently, I've been gravitating to MSTest for the reason you list above. Everything just works natively inside of Visual Studio. Don't have to install any plugins, setup custom short cuts, etc. Of course, I kinda think it stinks that MSTest isn't included in the express suite of MS development tools. If I didn't have VS pro, I would be back to NUnit.

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