Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Talks Available

If you're in need of a speaker for your user group or conference, I'm now offering a more extensive list of talks including some oldies that have been recently updated as well as new content.

How to Be a Six Figure Developer

Microsoft .NET developers are in extremely high demand and rates continue to climb, but many developers have not yet realized their potential. In this talk we lay out some simple and proven ways to make yourself a more valuable employee and build your personal brand.

Going Solo - Independent Consulting for Jedis

Leaving a perm position to go independent is a huge decision. We'll discuss whether consulting is right for you, what to watch out for and things you can do to help ensure success.

Introduction to Model-View-Controller (MVC4)

The move from ASP.NET to MVC can be quite daunting. In this talk we discuss the core concepts, why they will make your life easier, and present some best practices to ensure the move to MVC is as painless as possible.

Build a MVC eCommerce Site in Under 5 Minutes

Did you know that you can launch a fully functional MVC eCommerce storefront in mere minutes? Not only does nopCommerce offer extensive functionality for free, but it's a great way to become more familiar with MVC, WPF, Entity Framework and LINQ.

Customizing nopCommerce with Plugins and Themes

This talk picks up where we left off with Building MVC eCommerce Sites and shows how nopCommerce can be easily customized using plugins and themes without having to modify the original source code. This approach allows for quick and easy upgrades as new versions of nopCommerce are released.


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